Distracted Driving

Its been awhile since I’ve posted my observations.  The road has been long and full of interesting and frustrating occurences. One of these is distracted driving.  We all get distracted but one of the worse forms is driving whilst texting. Mainly texting with your head and eyes looking down instead of up and on the road. There’s no excuse for it since we have all been guilty and have been lucky not to get involved in an accident.  But luck is not what you want to bet on with a 3000 pound vehicle or a multi ton truck. Having said that I won’t go into it further cause there is plenty of information out there of the disasters caused by distracted drivers. 
I would make a suggestion although it is equally not a proper driving technique. If you use the above the dash or windshield car mounts you will still be able to see the road at least in your periphery. This is not a solution and is not recommended yet it is better than having your heads down.
Till next time drive safely my friends.

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