Traffic slow downs

A majority of traffic slow downs occur when people are nosy. Slowing down to see what happened although they really aren’t going to render  assistance nor are able to. I can accept slowing down cause the accident occurred on the same side where you are driving.  I dislike and am perturbed when it is on the other side and we are delayed because of it. It is totally unacceptable behaviour and we must try our best to cease and desist from being nosy bodies.
Another cause of traffic slow downs are when we refuse to allow incoming traffic to merge due to our impatience or pigheadedness. We keep in mind that we don’t like it when we are the recipients of these traffic transgressions. 
Therefore remember to be courteous to our fellow travellers and in time they will be courteous to you.
Drive safely my friends

Distracted Driving

Its been awhile since I’ve posted my observations.  The road has been long and full of interesting and frustrating occurences. One of these is distracted driving.  We all get distracted but one of the worse forms is driving whilst texting. Mainly texting with your head and eyes looking down instead of up and on the road. There’s no excuse for it since we have all been guilty and have been lucky not to get involved in an accident.  But luck is not what you want to bet on with a 3000 pound vehicle or a multi ton truck. Having said that I won’t go into it further cause there is plenty of information out there of the disasters caused by distracted drivers. 
I would make a suggestion although it is equally not a proper driving technique. If you use the above the dash or windshield car mounts you will still be able to see the road at least in your periphery. This is not a solution and is not recommended yet it is better than having your heads down.
Till next time drive safely my friends.

Post Traffic accidents

Today’s topic is post traffic accidents. Although traffic accidents is an ongoing topic of discussion since it affects us on a daily basis In one form or another. I  would  like to  interject my views on the aforementioned and current subject of my ire.
First and foremost,  since we have either been in or witnessed an accident in our travels, I am certain we are dumbfounded by the amount of wasted time and long traffic jams caused by distracted  drivers. These nosy bodies slow traffic to a crawl for no reason of relevance but their own misguided curiosity.  I am tired of being delayed and seeing delays caused by the total disregard of these people and I’m sure  you are as well. I wish there was a way to ticket those involved but since that is impossible and foolish to fathom.  I hope that those who read these post can convey these thoughts to their friends and family members.
Having said that I aim to and will try to impart some constructive suggestions in my post that you may find useful.  For instance, as a daily driver on time constraints, I  dont have time to render aid to all the traffic  incidents I see. So I   call the necessary agencies that can via my mobile.  This is the best form of assistance  for us drivers or pedestrians who cannot stop and render physical assistance. 
Therefore  if you are travelling and are not a part of the solution to  the traffic accident keep your eyes forward and keep it moving.

Ghost Courier goes live.

Welcome to the Ghost Courier page.

This page is for the many men and women who work as Couriers all over the world.

Many Couriers work for large companies known to all.

But many others work as Contract Couriers, simple operations that take important things to important places. Some of these operations are as small as single person operations.

Medical Couriers take specimens, or organs to labs and hospitals. The items can’t wait for overnight delivery, they have to be there within hours.

Document Couriers make sure that deeds or other legal documents get to their destination. In large cities, these couriers can be Cycle Couriers using Bicycles or Motorcycles to get the documents to their destination.

Casual Couriers and Air Couriers use airlines and other public transit to deliver their packages.

General Couriers transport important parts for Airplanes or Bridges, or almost anything that needs to be repaired.

Couriers perform a job that goes back to the beginnings of human history. Messages and packages were delivered by runners and horsemen. Some of the first historical mentions of couriers refer to around 400BC where they were used by the Persian prince Cyrus the Younger.

The most famous courier is Philippides, who although you may not know his name, we all know his story. Philippides ran 26.1 miles from Marathon to Athens to bring the news of the Greek victory over the Persians in 490 BC. So each of us who runs a Marathon pays tribute to one of history’s original Couriers.

Why Ghost Courier?   Because although you see the big brown trucks, or the big red, white and blue trucks, most people never see the Contract Couriers who move like Ghosts among the infrastructure, delivering the important packages to their destinations. The government couriers who claim to deliver during “rain, sleet, snow, and gloom of night” often don’t deliver during those conditions, while Contract Couriers must get their cargo to its destination no mater what.  The Couriers who have to “Positively get it there overnight” don’t take the cargo to it destination on the same day, within hours.

This page is dedicated to helping Contract Couriers, we hope to be providing tips, tricks, and product reviews to increase the productivity and reliability of Courier’s services.

Tired Driving


Today’s topic is driving whilst tired or fatigued.  We are all guilty of getting behind the wheel and forcing ourselves to stay awake in order to get home or  to our next destination .  This practice is as dangerous as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Our ability to properly control and maintain the vehicle is impaired and in some instances nonexistent.  I will not delve into  a tirade of why this is wrong in so many ways.  But will interject this statement.  The  purpose of our journeys  are to reach our destinations safely amd expeditiously from points A to Z and eventually back to the comfort of our homes and families.
Therefore,  we must take heed and pull over and take a power nap whenever we find ourselves tired or fatigued and questioning  whether we should take a break and recharge.  That simple and necessary act willl ensure that your are able to be in command  of your vehicle and make sound decisions on  the ever changing landscape  before you.

Take care  and stay safe my fellow travelers .