Traffic slow downs

A majority of traffic slow downs occur when people are nosy. Slowing down to see what happened although they really aren’t going to render  assistance nor are able to. I can accept slowing down cause the accident occurred on the same side where you are driving.  I dislike and am… Continue reading

Distracted Driving

Its been awhile since I’ve posted my observations.  The road has been long and full of interesting and frustrating occurences. One of these is distracted driving.  We all get distracted but one of the worse forms is driving whilst texting. Mainly texting with your head and eyes looking down instead… Continue reading

Post Traffic accidents

Today’s topic is post traffic accidents. Although traffic accidents is an ongoing topic of discussion since it affects us on a daily basis In one form or another. I  would  like to  interject my views on the aforementioned and current subject of my ire. First and foremost,  since we have either… Continue reading

Tired Driving

Greetings: Today’s topic is driving whilst tired or fatigued.  We are all guilty of getting behind the wheel and forcing ourselves to stay awake in order to get home or  to our next destination .  This practice is as dangerous as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Our… Continue reading