Tired Driving


Today’s topic is driving whilst tired or fatigued.  We are all guilty of getting behind the wheel and forcing ourselves to stay awake in order to get home or  to our next destination .  This practice is as dangerous as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Our ability to properly control and maintain the vehicle is impaired and in some instances nonexistent.  I will not delve into  a tirade of why this is wrong in so many ways.  But will interject this statement.  The  purpose of our journeys  are to reach our destinations safely amd expeditiously from points A to Z and eventually back to the comfort of our homes and families.
Therefore,  we must take heed and pull over and take a power nap whenever we find ourselves tired or fatigued and questioning  whether we should take a break and recharge.  That simple and necessary act willl ensure that your are able to be in command  of your vehicle and make sound decisions on  the ever changing landscape  before you.

Take care  and stay safe my fellow travelers .

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