Post Traffic accidents

Today’s topic is post traffic accidents. Although traffic accidents is an ongoing topic of discussion since it affects us on a daily basis In one form or another. I  would  like to  interject my views on the aforementioned and current subject of my ire.
First and foremost,  since we have either been in or witnessed an accident in our travels, I am certain we are dumbfounded by the amount of wasted time and long traffic jams caused by distracted  drivers. These nosy bodies slow traffic to a crawl for no reason of relevance but their own misguided curiosity.  I am tired of being delayed and seeing delays caused by the total disregard of these people and I’m sure  you are as well. I wish there was a way to ticket those involved but since that is impossible and foolish to fathom.  I hope that those who read these post can convey these thoughts to their friends and family members.
Having said that I aim to and will try to impart some constructive suggestions in my post that you may find useful.  For instance, as a daily driver on time constraints, I  dont have time to render aid to all the traffic  incidents I see. So I   call the necessary agencies that can via my mobile.  This is the best form of assistance  for us drivers or pedestrians who cannot stop and render physical assistance. 
Therefore  if you are travelling and are not a part of the solution to  the traffic accident keep your eyes forward and keep it moving.

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